The Future Transportation People

Don't allow Pinkie and the Deathstar to lead the charge to mass unemployment and poverty. 

FTP Streamline believes that our technology can make this life a free and beautiful place for everybody not just big business.


Future Technological Placement


 Though we may decide to promote a particular autonomous vehicle for drivers, in the end it will be the drivers decision to own and operate a single vehicle on the platform that enhances the drivers ability to own and operate said vehicle with futuristic technological procedures. People depend on driving jobs, not just in America, but also all over the world.

The Fight For Our Careers Starts Here


It once cost $1.4 million dollars to own and operate a taxi in New York city. Which means it made financial sense to pay that obscene amount of money to have this job. Rideshare has opened the flood gates to the People transportation industry. A career that was once stone walled by a few is now designated to the masses.  FTP will secure the driving career For the  People on a lawful, merit based system. We expect to have a waiting list of drivers wanting to join the excitement of exploration with FTP. Don’t let Pinkie and the Death-star close this door to the People. Join us today and we can do this right! For everybody! 

help us bring down giants

All donations will go towards campaigns to help bring drivers together in order to secure the wealth of driving for the people. 

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