People all over the world, depend on driving careers.

A Human Touch


FTP Streamline believes that our technology should enhance, let’s say an educational professional's ability to teach a bigger class, with the same efficacy as a smaller class, while maintaining the human interactions that plant the seed of humanity in future generations.. 

Better Pay for Drivers Benefits All


Here at FTP Streamline we want to give companies such as Pinkie and the Deathstar the opportunity to do the right thing. The right thing is not a set wage, it’s a fair percentage of the wealth our driving and vehicles generate. Right now, Pinkie and the Deathstar keep at times in excess of 80% of the fare; we believe this number should be closer to 20%. We don't want to unionize after the paperwork is done, we want to unionize now. 

Here at FTP Streamline we do not believe that Pinkie and the Deathstar have it in them to do the right thing. Therefore, we are set up as a corporation and are prepared to work with another company to provide the future rideshare application, that maintains a human touch. Till then we will continue to advocate not only for drivers but all working class people who are caught in the snare of corporate avariciousness. People depend on driving jobs, not only in our great country, but also all over the world.